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2021 Year in Review

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Events: Create your reference-able event

CLIPr’s patented AI reveals which moments mattered most when people watch, react to, and share your event video,

Analytics reveal your most engaging sessions, speakers, and moments.

Reuse and monetize video more precisely in your next event (and market more effectively in between) to turn audience into community.
2021 Best Technology Startup
2021 Best Technology
2022 Best Chief Technology Officer

Get CLIPr, get sticky

The CLIPr livestream player shows reactions and delivers shareable clips in the same window when your event ends.
Live, virtual, or hybrid, your audience fades fast.  Clinging on with social, ads & email blasts burns your time and money even faster.

But when you know what people really want, you can grab them - and keep them.

CLIPr unlocks valuable data and insight from your video library so you can build lasting community with the perfect slice of video.
Maximize engagement

FOMO is real - and monetizable

Your audience wants to feel part of a community year-round.

Connect people easily between events - and bring them back for your next event - with your strongest content.

Move your attendees - especially people who missed out - from “just visiting” to “always engaged.”

And give them the tools to share and reshare your video - with sponsorships built right in.
Harness their FOMO
Pre-roll/post-roll ads on your video maximize your sponsor real estate.

Open this toolbox to grow your community

These tools optimize your workflow
AI-powered index
Activate your video library
Video search
Find what you need, fast
Livestream player
Engage during events & beyond
Audience analytics
Get strategic insights
Live transcript
Search, see & share what’s said
Pre- and post-roll ads
Earn revenue from every clip
Flexible UX and permissions controls
Support secure embedding anywhere
Shareable Moments
Grow lasting community virally
Sustain your future with CLIPr

CLIPr for Microsoft Teams is here!

Our video analysis and management platform (VAM) uses AI & ML to help you search, connect, and unlock the knowledge in your video library.

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Try CLIPr for yourself or your whole team.
All-hands meetings are always free. Always.

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CLIPr for Events - Start FREE

CLIPr makes audience engagement effortless and powerful.

In person, hybrid, or virtual, you and your customers can engage and share during and after the event with CLIPr.

How to get started with CLIPr for events
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