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2021 Year in Review

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Business: Transform how you succeed

Clear intel and insight drive your best decisions. Go get them:
  • Know clearly what’s happening across your teams.
  • Base your strategy on reality, not someone’s notes
  • Discover and capitalize on moments that matter
  • Shine a light into your blind spots.
  • And start skipping some meetings.

Your organization deserves to vault past the competition. And you deserve to evolve.
Start at $0, get 4 hours a month FREE

"What happened in that meeting?"

When you can quickly browse the critical parts of all meetings, you know clearly what’s happening.

When you maximize the moments and insights everyone needs to succeed, people learn faster, teams align better, and market position rises more quickly.

Is a smarter, quicker future locked away in your unwieldy meeting recordings?
Free your future
CLIPr works with all video conferencing solutions, including:

Know what happened - immediately and efficiently

OWN EACH MOMENT: When video is searchable and actionable, you capitalize knowledge and gain control.

STREAMLINE WORK: When new hires onboard faster, team traction is instantaneous and training sticks.

GET SMART: When colleagues know where to find true cross-team synergy, blind spots vanish and teams collaborate more tightly.

NAIL IT: When teams find and share the a-ha! moments and insightful discussion data, they connect to enable customers more powerfully.
Watch only what you need

Make meetings "realtime optional"

These tools optimize your workflow
Meeting integration
Ingest video from Zoom, Google Drive, OneDrive, & URLs
Video search
Find what you need, fast
AI-generated index
Browse meeting topics quickly
Searchable transcript
Find, see & share exactly what was said - in context
Audience analytics
Get team insights from topic engagement & feedback
Flexible UX, API, and permissions controls
Customize and integrate securely, everywhere

CLIPr for Microsoft Teams is here!

Our video analysis and management platform (VAM) uses AI & ML to help you search, connect, and unlock the knowledge in your video library.

Upload direct from:
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Try CLIPr for yourself or your whole team.
All-hands meetings are always free. Always.

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CLIPr for Events - Start FREE

CLIPr makes audience engagement effortless and powerful.

In person, hybrid, or virtual, you and your customers can engage and share during and after the event with CLIPr.

How to get started with CLIPr for events
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