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2021 Year in Review

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Unlock the value of your video content
Reveal insights, save time and make every second more actionable
For Business
Transform how you succeed
For Publishing
Design your engagement cycle
For Events
Create your “forever event”
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Make your video searchable, shareable & actionable with AI

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See everything you can do with CLIPr
1. Quickly find the topic, name or concept you need
2. Let CLIPr ID who’s speaking and what they said
3. Zero in with transcript search
4. Learn what matters most from audience reactions & deep analytics
5. Bookmark moments for personalized curation & sharing
6. Activate your video with social networks, email, or embeddable code
7. Share this moment anywhere
CLIPr works with all video conferencing solutions, including:

Unlock your video library’s power

Use it to work leaner, faster, and smarter

Analyze it all:
Earnings & Analyst Calls  •  Event Sessions  •  Internal Company Meetings Training Materials  •  Customer Support Experiences • Account Management & Sales Analytics  •  Recruiting & Interview Analysis  •  Courseware / Lectures
Your team needs to share knowledge quickly, securely.

Your marketing staff needs to share everywhere, seamlessly.

Your content site needs to make video quick, engaging, and portable.

You need to get to the heart of your video-based work.

CLIPr configures easily - for solo use, in team collaboration, or across a whole organization.
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Reveal new insights, regain lost time

Everything changes when you control each moment

When people watch CLIPr’d moments, engagement analytics quicky reveal what matters most.

When you know what people share, think, and feel about your CLIPr’d moments, you make better, faster decisions.

And when you watch only what you need, you regain time to transform everything you do.
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Secure, enterprise-grade technology.

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Multi Factor Authentication

We support the same level of security as found in banking and financial services. Our MFA ensures that if your password is compromised, you are still protected, as your phone is your primary key to accessing your account.
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Enterprise Authentication

(SSO) Support

For our business accounts, we are able to use your company’s existing existing infrastructure to provide seamless sign-on that complies with your company's security policies.
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Industry Encryption

Whether you’re working from home or at a coffee shop, your session with CLIPr is secure. We support 256-bit HTTPS encryption for all connections and all account passwords are stored as one-way hashes.
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24/7 Technical Support

If you ever need support using CLIPr, for our Premium customers our support team is always here to help 24 hours a day. We also offer self service knowledge bases and videos to ensure you get the most from your CLIPr experience.
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Constant Backup & Recovery

CLIPr was born in the cloud, and takes advantage of high availability and scalability features provided to us. This includes GEO replication of the data and advanced archive of your meetings for our premium customers.

CLIPr for Microsoft Teams is here!

Our video analysis and management platform (VAM) uses AI & ML to help you search, connect, and unlock the knowledge in your video library.

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Try CLIPr for yourself or your whole team.
All-hands meetings are always free. Always.

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CLIPr for Events - Start FREE

CLIPr makes audience engagement effortless and powerful.

In person, hybrid, or virtual, you and your customers can engage and share during and after the event with CLIPr.

How to get started with CLIPr for events
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