Interactive Live Capabilities, Searchable/Shareable Post-Event Clips and Premium Analytics Provide New Ways to Engage and Connect with Audiences

SEATTLE, WA — May 3, 2022 — CLIPr, a Video Analysis and Management (VAM) platform using AI and machine learning to make recorded videos searchable by transcription, topics and subtopics, today announced a new livestream feature that leverages the Vonage Video API. CLIPr’s algorithms index recorded video content, surfacing key moments so users can organize, search, collaborate, and share with ease and efficiency. Now with the addition of the livestream feature, CLIPr can ingest both recorded and live video content.

CLIPr’s new livestream capability works seamlessly with a customer’s hosting platform (i.e. AI-powered event success platform Grip) by ingesting any Real-Time Media Protocol (RTMP) live stream to index live or simulated live events or meetings in real-time and allows attendees to leave timestamped reactions to the video content. Once the live stream is over, indexed content is turned into searchable and shareable clips using CLIPr’s AI where viewers and participants can add more reactions, thereby increasing engagement with the content and each other. CLIPr and Vonage joint customer, Grip, an event success platform hosting virtual and hybrid events, employs the Vonage Video API to embed CLIPr’s live stream capabilities that allow their audiences to react to content - and to each other -  in real time, for a more personal and interactive experience.

“Our livestream capability is critical to providing a meaningful way for users to consume, search for, and share the specific video moments that matter most to them and can serve as an engagement bridge to enriched video libraries without the need to separately record and ingest video,” said Humphrey Chen, CEO of CLIPr. “With the world relying on video now more than ever before, CLIPr combats ‘video fatigue’ and supports the shifting preference for consuming long-form video content by making it more snackable. We’re very excited that Vonage & Grip are the first to leverage CLIPr’s live streaming capabilities.”

CLIPr’s premium analytics for the livestream and post-event playback provides valuable insights into viewership behaviors including total video engagement, total hours watched, which topics and subtopics were most popular, or least popular, and deep analysis of audience reactions and clip sharing trends; all of which can be used to inform future content decisions.

“We are excited that CLIPr is leveraging the Vonage Video API to power its innovative shared streaming solution,” said Guillaume Calot, Global Vice President of API Partners at Vonage. “CLIPr’s new interactive live stream capability is a great example of one of the limitless use cases enabled by the Vonage Communications platform and how it can be deployed for maximum impact.”

CLIPr Media Contact:

Ross Blume

Fusion Public Relations