Personalized video recaps of your meetings, events, and classes.

CLIPr uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to create searchable recorded meeting recaps and actionable insights enabling you to search, skim and find what you need to learn better and drive desired outcomes in a fraction of the time.
CLIPr works with all video conferencing solutions, including:

Meeting fatigue is real. We're on a mission to save the world 1 billion hours.


Focus truly on the moments that matter most in your video sessions.

Personalized Recaps

Our algorithms extract the key moments  from each meeting based on your preferences and activity.

Searchable Recordings

Through natural language queries and key words you can easily search your meeting content to find what you need.

Complete Transcripts

Complete transcripts of your recording with speaker annotation, time stamps and eventually 54 languages.


Find what you need and do the right things in less time.

For businesses

CLIPr improves team collaboration.

From all hands to sales to marketing to scrums, CLIPr benefits all teams. Capture the key moments, insights and action items in each meeting. Find the information you need and take action seamlessly from CLIPr to save time and improve outcomes.


CLIPr adds value to digital events.

Provide more value out of your webinars and digital events by providing attendees access to explore content after the event. Generate automated event highlight reels to share across social media and monetize access to content after live events.

FOR EDUCATORS and continuing education

CLIPr advances the digital classroom.

Differentiate your classroom with advanced tools that improve the digital learning experience. Provide students with searchable video lectures, recaps and notes that help them learn, work as a team and prepare for exams better.

Secure, enterprise-grade technology.

Multi Factor Authentication

We support the same level of security as found in banking and financial services. Our MFA ensures that if your password is compromised, you are still protected, as your phone is your primary key to accessing your account.

Enterprise Authentication (SSO) Support

For our business accounts, we are able to use your company’s existing existing infrastructure to provide seamless sign-on that complies with your company's security policies.

Industry Encryption

Whether you’re working from home or at a coffee shop, you can have full confidence that your session with CLIPr is secure. All aspects of our system are encrypted for communications. We support 256-bit HTTPS encryption for all connections and all account passwords are stored as one-way hashes.

24/7 Technical Support

If you ever need support using CLIPr, for our Premium customers our support team is always here to help 24 hours a day. We also offer self service knowledge bases and videos to ensure you get the most from your CLIPr experience.

Constant Backup & Recovery

CLIPr was born in the cloud, and with this, we take advantage of high availability and scalability features provided to us. This includes GEO replication of the data and advanced archive of your meetings for our premium customers.

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our team

Passionate team of experienced founders on a mission to solve this major problem.

Humphrey Chen

Humphrey Chen

Chief executive officer
Product & business leader. Former Head of Computer Vision Initiatives at Amazon Web Services. MIT BS / Harvard MBA.
Aaron Sloman

Aaron Sloman

chiEf Technology officer
Serial technology entrepreneur with 30+ years of experience building successful teams & industry-leading products.
Cindy Chin

Cindy Chin

Chief Operating Officer
Data-driven operator with deep expertise in data science. Entrepreneur's 50 Most Daring Entrepreneurs 2018.
Christine Eckhaus

Christine Eckhaus

Chief OF STAFF & People Officer
Leader in driving innovation, optimizing teams, reducing risk, increasing ROI, sustainable growth and success.

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